About Us

Artisan Fishing is a free online marketplace that connects small businesses and independent craftsmen with anglers who want unique fishing products they can’t find anywhere else.

A revival of the local bait shop, available online

The U.S. recreational fishing industry consists of over 60 million anglers. This community spends over $1 billion annually on artificial fishing lures. They are in constant pursuit of effective products that will help them catch fish wherever they are fishing.

Traditionally, local bait shops have been the trusted source of products and information that help anglers catch more fish. But like local grocery stores and hardware stores, local bait shops are closing rapidly, reducing anglers' access to innovative fishing products and limiting sales channels for small businesses

Artisan Fishing renews the connection between the angler and fishing product innovators. You can think of it as the revival of the local bait shop, available online.

Fishing gear you can’t find anywhere else

In the Artisan Fishing marketplace, you’ll find unique, innovative fishing gear made with care by craftsmen and small businesses. When you shop at Artisan Fishing, you’re getting fishing gear you can’t find at big box stores, and you’re supporting family-owned businesses and artisans who value craftsmanship, quality, and helping you catch fish.

A community of sellers

Artisan Fishing connects local craftsmen and small businesses that were traditionally limited to local markets to an online community of anglers across the United States and Canada. We help our vendors reach new customers through online marketing, secure hosting, and additional sales opportunities.

Show the fish something different. Sell on the Artisan Fishing marketplace.