Artisan Fishing Guidelines

To ensure the quality and spirit of the Artisan Fishing marketplace, Artisan Fishing has outlined the following guidelines for sellers and buyers.

Prohibited items - To ensure compliance with relevant laws and treaties, and to keep the spirit of the Artisan Fishing marketplace, some items are prohibited from being posted in the marketplace.

  • Animals and some animal parts: Any products containing animal parts are expected to comply with local law in place of origin, federal law, and relevant international treaties. This includes but is not limited to the Migratory Bird Treaty, restrictions on endangered and threatened animal parts, and international bans on ivory. Consult relevant government agencies for more information. We do not allow the sale of live bait.
  • Illegal or internationally regulated items: In the United States, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) at the US Department of the Treasury administers sanctions against individuals or countries. Artisan Fishing expects all vendors to comply with these sanctions in sales through the Artisan Fishing marketplace, and in the acquisition of materials used to create products sold in the Artisan Fishing marketplace.
  • Suggestive content: Artisan Fishing prohibits mature or pornographic items.
  • Recalled items: Artisan Fishing prohibits items or items made with components that have been recalled as unsafe for consumers by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Weaponry: Artisan Fishing prohibits items that are not used in the safe, ethical catching and preparation of fish. Tools, including fish knives and hooks, are allowed, but weaponry items with no direct use in fishing and fishing activities are prohibited.

This is not an exhaustive list: Artisan Fishing reserves the right to remove products at any time that are in conflict with federal and international law, Artisan Fishing guidelines, or are simply not in the spirit of the marketplace. Artisan Fishing reserves the right to ban vendors in repeated conflict with these guidelines.

Intellectual property policy - As a marketplace for small batch businesses and independent artisans, we highly value protecting intellectual property. We comply with intellectual property law and expect our vendors to do the same. If you want to report a suspected intellectual property violation, contact us and we will promptly address your concern. Artisan Fishing reserves the right to remove products that violate intellectual property law.

Listing description - All listings on Artisan Fishing must be for sale. By listing an item on the Site you warrant that you and all aspects of the item comply with Artisan Fishing’s published policies. You also warrant that you may legally sell the item. You must accurately describe your item and all terms of sale of your products. Your listings may only include text descriptions, graphics, pictures and other content relevant to the sale of that item. Because Artisan Fishing is a marketplace, not a directory, we require that vendors do not add outside links to product listings. This includes but is not limited to links to any other site where a vendor's products are listed, social media pages, or other online vendors. A vendor may link to their own website in their storefront. All items must be listed in an appropriate category with appropriate tags. Each listing must accurately and completely describe the item/items for sale in that listing.

Small batch manufacturers - We may ask sellers to share information about manufacturers involved in creating their items. Small Batch products are items that may be produced in larger volumes but are not on the scale of large manufacturers.

Artisan Fishing sellers are independent businesses - Anyone over the age of 18 can list a product on Artisan Fishing. Honesty is important to Artisan Fishing and our community. We ask sellers to represent themselves, their business, and their items accurately. Artisan Fishing may reach out to sellers in violation of these guidelines. While we prefer to help you come into compliance with our rules, Artisan Fishing may remove sellers that do not comply. We reserve the right to remove listings that aren’t in the letter or spirit of Artisan Fishing’s guidelines. Make sure that your items are allowed to be sold on Artisan Fishing and that you are representing yourself, your business, and your items accurately.

Maintain transparent products

  • Be sure to fill out your product info
  • Items must be accurately represented in listings and listing photos.
  • Be aware that buyers can submit reviews of items they have purchased.
  • Respect the intellectual property of others. If you feel someone has violated your copyright, you can report it to Artisan Fishing.
  • Do not engage in fee avoidance
  • Do not sell prohibited items
  • Do not resell items

Provide great customer service - The following guidelines will help you meet customer expectations and ensure satisfaction.

  • Honor your shipping and processing times.
  • Respond to messages and orders in a timely manner.
  • Try to work out disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer.
  • If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer, Artisan Fishing, and cancel the order.

Artisan Fishing commission - When a customer purchases your product on Artisan Fishing, Artisan Fishing will collect a commission of 20% of the item price. This percentage does not include the shipping cost. Artisan Fishing's commission is automatically collected at time of purchase.

Vendor payment - Artisan Fishing uses the payment processor Stripe to automatically pay vendors their portion of the sale and shipping fee collected with an order. Artisan Fishing requires vendors to have Stripe accounts and to link these accounts to their Artisan Fishing accounts. This ensures timely and accurate payment to our vendors.

Advertising fees - Artisan Fishing offers advertising opportunities to increase the visibility of your items. Advertising fees vary by opportunity. Ad fees will be clearly outlined before you commit to purchasing an ad. Advertising fees are added to your Artisan Fishing bill.

Using the Artisan Fishing Marks - In order for you to help us protect the Artisan Fishing Marks, we ask the following:

  • Do make fair use of Artisan Fishing’s Marks. Artisan Fishing supports free speech and you do not need permission to make legitimate commentary about Artisan Fishing, the company, or Artisan Fishing’s services.
  • Do distinguish the Artisan Fishing Marks from surrounding text by, for example, capitalizing the first letter of the Artisan Fishing Marks.
  • Do spell the Artisan Fishing Marks properly.
  • Do not say things about Artisan Fishing you know are not true.
  • Do not incorporate the Artisan Fishing Marks or a confusingly similar mark into, for example, the name of your business, organization, non-profit organization, event, or trademark.
  • Do not remove, alter, distort or modify the Artisan Fishing Marks, including adding other terms to the Artisan Fishing Marks to create new words.
  • Do not use the Artisan Fishing Marks or a confusingly similar mark in a way that falsely implies a relationship or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Artisan Fishing, Inc. or that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest information comes from, or represents the views or opinions of Artisan Fishing, Inc. or an Artisan Fishing employee.
  • Do not, without prior permission, use the Artisan Fishing Marks in a product.
  • Do not use any trademarks, service marks, trade dress, designs or logos that are confusingly similar to the Artisan Fishing Marks or the look and feel of the Artisan Fishing website.
  • Do not use the Artisan Fishing Marks in any way or on any website that contains or promotes adult content, gambling, or otherwise violates applicable law or regulation.
  • Do not use the Artisan Fishing Marks in a manner that is in Artisan Fishing’s sole opinion misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, tarnishing, obscene or otherwise objectionable to Artisan Fishing.

Buyer Guidelines - Because each product on Artisan Fishing is unique, policies, payment methods, processing times vary by vendor. If you have a question about an item or an order, you should contact the seller directly. We ask that sellers meet Artisan Fishing’s standards of customer service and honor their own policies. After you’ve purchased an item, you can leave a review. If you have a problem with an order and are unable to reach a resolution with the seller, you can contact Artisan Fishing. We do not protect transactions that are completed off of Artisan Fishing.