Cutting Boards Wisconsin

We are Coby and Denise the entire workforce of Cutting Boards Wisconsin. We consider ourselves to be a somewhat recycled old couple who uses up-cycled (fancy word for "cutoffs headed for the landfill") new Corian and other solid surface brands to create beautiful and long lived cutting boards. We garage crafted them in the beautiful boonies of northern Wisconsin.

When the economy took a nose dive, we both lost our jobs and we had to reinvent ourselves and quick. So of course, we decided to make cutting boards. We hatched this idea based on our enthusiasm for a Corian cutting board we had used for years.

Coby made a few (we found getting the material was the hard part) sanding them as smooth as a baby's behind. This material has such a nice feel to it, almost silky actually. Took them to our local farmers market to sell...and they did! Not only that, in the following weeks, zipitty do da, those folks came back for more! During that time, we heard countless stories from people who had owned Corian cutting boards for 25+ years!! Really? Well who knew! We expanded our designs and now offer fish cleaning boards too.

Based on the overwhelming positive customer feedback, we're 100% convinced these are the best cutting boards you'll ever own. Our goal now is to garage craft one for every person on earth! We're still working on that and making progress...

So that's how we came to be. We're very proud of what we've accomplished and extremely proud of our cutting boards.

Coby and Denise