Fishtech Lures

Fishtech Lures was founded in January of 1996. It's founder, Vic Oertle's goal was to produce quality, fish-catching lures at an affordable price. Some fifty years experience as a tradesman and fisherman have allowed this to happen.

Original molds were created by hand from ideas gained by Vic's many hours of experience as a Guide, and dedicated fisherman. Each type of lure produced has undergone extensive testing by many anglers from novice to expert. Fishtech lures are used by anglers from coast to coast and border to border by tournament fishermen as well as the weekender. Fishtech Lures have caught fish in several B.A.S.S. and FLW Tournaments.

Fishtech starts with it's original molds, applies a rock hard, super tuff paint and adds hooks, blades and other parts as necessary. It pays attention to plastic keepers, makes sure each eye is open, and makes sure spinners spin and many other IMPORTANT DETAILS. Each operation is an opportunity for a quality control check.

Count on Fishtech Lures to make a bait that will stand the test of a 100 fish day!

Count on Fishtech to be "finesse" enough to get the bite, and strong enough to get them in the boat.

Count on Fishtech to be a leader in catching and conserving!

Fishtech Lures will use products made in America when possible and available. At the present time 90% of all products used to produce Fishtech Lures are MADE IN AMERICA!