Mudd Butt Baits

Mudd Butt Baits is a small custom bait company that prides its self on making soft plastic baits that most fisherman have never seen or used before Instead of buying stock molds off the internet, I design the bait, have them drawn in a cad 3d program, have the molds cut from aluminum, test and rework the mold until the bait performs like I have envisioned it to. For two fishing seasons, I have only used the soft plastic baits that I have poured myself. Catching more 4-5 pound bass in the last two years than all of my years of fishing combined. I make two types of soft plastic baits, floating and sinking. The sinking baits are salt impregnated and keep the fish latched on to the bait.

"Don't Throw Your Buddies Bait."