LureViewer Sportsmans Fishing Light

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Key Features

Innovative tool for all sportsmenFeather-light and completely waterproofNon-slip rubber shaft bends and stays in any shapeEnd clip holds the light or acts as 3rd hand30-hour continuous run timeThe LureViewer Fishing Light is an innovative new tool for all

sportsmen. Feather-light and completely waterproof, it's the only light

available that offers a very bright LED attached to a non-slip rubber

shaft that can wrap around any surface. It bends in every direction and

stays in any shape. It also has a clip on the other end to help hold the

LureViewer itself or serve as that third hand when needed. It's also

easy to use, featuring simple on/off button operation and white, UV, and

red light settings. Changeable batteries. Tested for extreme heat and

cold. Continuous run time: 30 hours.