4.5in Crave Craw Jr

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4.5" Crave Craw Jr.

Mudd Butt Baits new 4.5" Crave Craw Jr. and 6.6" Crave Craw is changing the soft plastic bait world as we know it. Customize the colors of the Crave Craw by putting on any of the Slip On Skirts, that we also custom make and offer. The 6.6" Crave Craw has three location to put skirts and the 4.5" Crave Craw Jr. has two locations. The collars on the baits body will hold the skirt in place without any glue. When adding a skirt, get both pieces wet and be gentle when sliding in to place. You can also pick up our skirt tool. The tool will open the skirts so you can slide the skirt in place with ease without the need for water. These baits do not need the skirts to catch fish, being a large bodied baits they are intended to catch large fish. You can rig and fish these baits with every style of hook on the market today, our choice is a shaky head or Texas rig. We also recommend a hook size of a #2 wide gap hook or bigger. The Crave Craw Jr. has a slot in the belly of the bait to improve hook set. Every fisherman has a craw fish bait in the box, the bad thing is that they all have the same old bait that has been thrown in every lake for many years. This new bait has a profile that has never been seen by your fish, by adding a Slip On Skirt, you will change the bait every time you throw it.

Salt-infused, 4.5" Crave Craw: One-color ($4.50 per 5-pack) or Two-color ($5.00 per 5-pack)

4.5" Floating Crave Craw Jr.

The all new Floating Crave Craw Jr. is going to become one of your favorite baits. With the ability to fish top water with a soft plastic weedless bait is unlike most top water baits out there. The action of this bait is one of a kind, it will dart left and right with a small flick of the wrist. If you are a top water angler, this is a must have when they are going crazy. Best fished with a 2/0 or 3/0 thin wire Gamakatsu Skip Gap Hook.

Salt-infused, Floating 4.5″ Crave Craw Jr: One-color ($4.75 per 5-pack) or Two-color ($5.25 per 5-pack)

Color Descriptions

  • Black Magic: Black with red flake
  • Chartreuse: Bright green with black flake
  • Florida Craw: Black with blue flake
  • Ghost: White
  • Green Pumpkin: Light green with red/black flake
  • Green Seed: Dark green with black flake
  • June Bug: Dark purple with blue flake
  • Money Maker: Green with black/blue flake
  • Punch: Dark green with black/blue flake
  • Root Beer: Brown with silver flake
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