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Bungee Reflex Worm

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Engulf Baits
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The Engulf Baits Bungee Worm draws strikes from fish with it’s incredible lifelike curling action, which resembles live bait. Simply detach the band that is affixed from the body to the tail and rig the bait to your hook. Try nose hooking the Bungee Reflex Worm on a Drop-shot rig. It excels when used as a Texas rigged bait. The tail undulates enticingly like a live night crawler, inviting vicious strikes! Fish the bait with short hops and pauses. Fasten to Shaky head jig and impart subtle wrist movements when working the bait. Hook the worm “Wacky style” where the body begins to taper and fish it slowly. The majority of bites will happen as the bait falls to the bottom. When most other worms fail to produce a strike, pull one of these from your tackle bag and start catching fish! 10 baits per package.