BHO Midnight Thumper

BHO Midnight Thumper Spinnerbait

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Mega Chomp's new 1/2 oz BHO (Better Hang On) Midnight Thumper spinnerbait utilizes a specially designed inner kicker blade to create the most vicious strikes you have ever felt! The Inner blade was designed to create a wider wobble of the outer blade (more thump), a constant chatter as the 2 blades spin together (more noise), and to drive fish crazy (vicious strikes) and it succeeded on all counts!

As with all other Mega Chomp baits, these are handcrafted 1 at a time with the utmost quality in mind.

Each bait comes with dual polished brass blades, a rattle chamber, and an extra large skirt collar so that the skirts stay in place.


  • .035 Wire (More vibration)
  • BHO Blade (More noise, vibration, and flash)
  • Rattle Chamber (Even more noise)
  • 55 Strand Silicone Skirt
  • 100% Powder Paint
  • 5/0 Mustad Hook