Double W Shad Flutter Spoon

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Designed to catch all fish that forage on shad and minnows, such as White Bass, Black Bass, Sand Bass, Walleye, Wipers/Hybrids and others. The Double W has produced over 1 million White Bass and Hybrids from only 1 lake in Kansas alone. Used in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, and Texas. Has been used for Lake Trout and has won various Lake Trout contests. Great as a Walleye bait as well. Fishtech spoons have been mentioned or featured in IN-FISHERMAN magazine many times. April 1999, page 92. Reservoir White Bass--March 2002, Special Issue, page 102, Top Lures for White Bass, and several others. All Double W spoons have chrome on one side. David White, Texas Guide says "Your Double W Flutter Spoons are great for Texas Sand Bass and Hybrids. These Lures work Great."

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