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Artisan Fishing is an online marketplace for small merchants and local artisans that want to sell their fishing-related products direct to anglers.

The U.S. recreational fishing industry consists of approximately 60 million anglers. This community spends over $1 billion annually on artificial fishing lures. They are in constant pursuit of effective products that will help them catch fish-wherever they are fishing.

The Problem

Local bait shops have traditionally been the trusted source of products and information that help anglers catch more fish. Like local grocery stores and hardware stores, local bait shops are closing at a rapid pace, reducing access to local, innovative products and limiting sales channels for small manufacturers.

The Solution

Artisan Fishing renews the connection between the angler and fishing product innovators. As important, Artisan Fishing connects anglers and innovators from local markets across the U.S. through a national online community.

Think of it as a revival of the local bait shop, available online.

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Why Sell on Artisan Fishing?

Access to Over 300,000 Anglers

Thanks to our partnership with Fishidy, your products will be seen by over 300,000 anglers in the Fishidy online community.

  • Instant access to online anglers via our dynamic web and mobile platforms
  • Easy-to-use tools make setting up shop easy

More Money in Your Pocket

Other online sites charge fees just for the “privilege” of opening an account. We believe in access for all merchants.

  • There are no membership fees with Artisan Fishing
  • Free setup of your own online shop with unlimited products and custom photos
  • Transaction fees only when your products are sold

A Flexible Online Marketplace Solution

Whether you want to sell one fishing product or one hundred, the Artisan Fishing marketplace can work for your business, no matter its size.

  • Skip the hassle of setting up your own online marketplace
  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Get your own personalized link to your shop to include on your own website, social media, and more

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Seller's Responsibilities

You design and manufacture innovative fishing products, we provide a secure and reliable platform with hundreds of thousands of users. Pair these up and we have the ultimate opportunity for you to sell your products.


Artisan Fishing's Responsibilities