Son of a Bass Lures

Son of a Bass is a premium brand of top-quality fishing lures. We currently offer a line of spinnerbaits and spin jigs designed to give you an edge in every fishing condition imaginable. Each lure is artfully designed and crafted by hand in Harvest, AL. We use traditional and non-traditional color schemes and spinning blade configurations that are designed to maximize effectiveness in a wide range of conditions. Whether you’re fishing in clear water, muddy water, on a cloudy day, or a sunny day, whatever the conditions, you’re sure to catch more fish with a Son of a Bass lure. If you’re looking for something different, something more than your average lure, look no further than Son of a Bass. It ain’t your granddaddy’s lure. When we first started this company, we decided that we were going to build our brand around quality. We decided to source only the best quality components and to buy them from American manufacturers whenever possible. Each and every lure we sell is designed and built by hand right here in North Alabama. We don't cut corners and we don't compromise on quality. Period.