Son of a Bass Lures

by Ryan Smith
Son of a Bass Lures

Joseph Williams, Son of a Bass Lures, Harvest, Alabama

For Joseph Williams, owner and maker at Son of a Bass Lures, fishing is a big part of his life - and his memories.

“I’ve been fishing as far back as I can remember,” Joseph said. “Ever since I was a little kid.” As soon as he could hold a rod, Joseph was fishing, starting on his grandpa’s farm pond, where they caught bass, bluegill, and catfish.

“I love fishing,” Joseph said. “I like being out on the water, being able to see the scenery - it’s very relaxing. I also like the adrenaline when you get a bite.”

From his love of fishing grew an interest in the mechanics of baits and lures. As long as he’s been fishing, Joseph has been experimenting with building baits.


"How is it that you can take a piece of metal or a piece of wood and turn it into something a fish thinks is food? It’s always been interesting to me."

For years Joseph worked in retail and defense contracting while spending his weekends fishing and designing and painting baits. But one year ago, he made his hobby into his work by opening his own business, Son of a Bass Lures. He specializes in spinnerbaits with unique color combinations and patterns. The spinnerbaits are made almost entirely of American-made components and are all assembled and fine-tuned by hand by Joseph.

"I spent hours and hours researching," Joseph said. "Talking to fishermen, talking to other lure makers, practicing and seeing what worked."


The unique color combos have been popular with fishermen of all kinds.

"The feedback I’ve had has been positive," Joseph said. "People are always looking for something different, something unique, and there’s nothing like my spinnerbaits on the market."

His baits are also popular with the fish: they’ve been catching bass, smallmouth and even pike all across the country. Joseph loves hearing about what his baits have been catching, and works hard to give his customers the highest quality products he can.

"I try to take care of my customers," Joseph said. "If someone’s going to give me their hard earned money, I have an obligation to give them the best service and best product that I possibly can. I try to do that with every sale and lure that I make."

You can find Joseph’s baits and hundreds of other unique fishing products on the Artisan Fishing marketplace.

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