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Advantage Bait Co
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Bink's Spoons
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Bizz Baits
Bizz Baits is a soft plastic lure company that manufactures individually hand crafted baits aimed for bass fishing here in the United States. Every bait is made and packaged by people and never a machine. What started as a business plan in a college marketing class soon developed into a reality, deeply rooted in a great deal of respect and passion for the sport of bass fishing. All the baits we offer have taken endless hours of studying and thought for each of their unique actions. We matched that time dedicating our resources to test every type of bait to perfection. The result is professionally designed, top of the line baits that keep you and the bass hooked. The variety between color, shape and design of our lures allows for bassin' in any situation that is sure to keep you reeling in quality fish. Bass fishing is a lifestyle, and no one knows that better than we do here at Bizz Baits. We believe that in order to sell a bait to our customers, our passion behind our products must be apparent. We... More
C to C Bait Co
Based in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, C to C Bait Co. is a manufacturer and online provider of high-quality, artisan fishing products. With over 30 years combined experience in professional and recreational fishing, the company produces The Slop Frog and The Mendota Rig – a range of custom-made, weed-less baits designed by Wisconsin-based tournament fisherman, Jim Torgerson. C to C Bait Company established the ‘By Fishermen, For Fishermen’ product platform to support its own line of lures and assemble a network of like-minded artisan bait manufacturers. For more information, to purchase online, or for a list of dealers, visit .
Caraballo Skirts
Been in the manufacturing business for a long time. Invented machines that make metal collared fishing skirts in large number! Father/Son team that desire to impact the fishing industry with a great long lasting product that attracts fish! Father and son team of Miguel "Mike" Caraballo, Sr. and Miguel Caraballo, Jr.
Chelsea's Baits
Chelsea has been making baits for five years and uses only the highest quality components. Buy Chelsea's Baits and catch the fish you've always dreamed of!
Cutting Boards Wisconsin
We are Coby and Denise the entire workforce of Cutting Boards Wisconsin. We consider ourselves to be a somewhat recycled old couple who uses up-cycled (fancy word for "cutoffs headed for the landfill") new Corian and other solid surface brands to create beautiful and long lived cutting boards. We garage crafted them in the beautiful boonies of northern Wisconsin. When the economy took a nose dive, we both lost our jobs and we had to reinvent ourselves and quick. So of course, we decided to make cutting boards. We hatched this idea based on our enthusiasm for a Corian cutting board we had used for years. Coby made a few (we found getting the material was the hard part) sanding them as smooth as a baby's behind. This material has such a nice feel to it, almost silky actually. Took them to our local farmers market to sell...and they did! Not only that, in the following weeks, zipitty do da, those folks came back for more! During that time, we heard countless stories from people who had owned Corian... More
Dry Hands Minnow Bucket
Kentucky Entrepreneurs, LLC is the sole owner of The Dry Hands Minnow Bucket along with its U.S. and Canadian patents. Manufactured with pride in Central Kentucky, using, 100% American made parts and labor. The superior quality of our products is second to none. All of the members of our company are hunters and fishermen dedicated to protecting our right to bare arms and the conservation of our fish and wildlife to ensure our children and grand children will enjoy and preserve the same for generations to come. We are avid supporters of small business, entrepreneurship and the Rules of Law. Dry hands minnow bucket is the world's only patented dispensing minnow bait bucket...delivers ONE minnow at a time into the palm of your hand.
Engulf Baits
Engulf Baits: Premium Hand Injected Soft Plastics and Fishing Tackle-Accessories. It s a pleasure to provide bass anglers all over the USA and other countries with one of the best soft plastic lure designs ever created. A spin-off of Berkley's worm discontinued in 2006. A sleeker profile and ribbed upper body make this a winner.
Fat Guppy Fishing
Fat Guppy Fishing is small manufacturer of soft plastic lures, Fishing attractants, riggings systems and more.
Fishidy is a map-based, social network which allows anglers to follow each other's activity, stay alerted of the latest fishing reports, log catches on interactive fishing maps, and find tips to catch more fish!
Fishing For Her
Prototype engineer by day and passionate fisher and crafter by night. Love wooden fishing lures and owner, designer and maker of FishingforHer wooden fishing lure product line.
Fishtech Lures
Fishtech Lures was founded in January of 1996. It's founder, Vic Oertle's goal was to produce quality, fish-catching lures at an affordable price. Some fifty years experience as a tradesman and fisherman have allowed this to happen. Original molds were created by hand from ideas gained by Vic's many hours of experience as a Guide, and dedicated fisherman. Each type of lure produced has undergone extensive testing by many anglers from novice to expert. Fishtech lures are used by anglers from coast to coast and border to border by tournament fishermen as well as the weekender. Fishtech Lures have caught fish in several B.A.S.S. and FLW Tournaments. Fishtech starts with it's original molds, applies a rock hard, super tuff paint and adds hooks, blades and other parts as necessary. It pays attention to plastic keepers, makes sure each eye is open, and makes sure spinners spin and many other IMPORTANT DETAILS. Each operation is an opportunity for a quality control check. Count on Fishtech Lures to make... More
HighRoller Fishing Lure Co
HighRoller Fishing Lure Company, LLC proudly produces the world's finest line of custom-made, high-caliber wooden lures available today. Serious fisherman worldwide appreciate the unsurpassed quality and durability that has put HighRoller in a class of its own.
Hoax Fish
Soft plastic bass baits "Fear & Dread"
Hot Seat Custom Baits
At HotSeatCustomBaits, we constantly strive to produce high quality products that rival the most popular products in the industry - at a fraction of the cost to the consumer! Intended to make tournament fishing affordable for all, HotSeatCustomBaits goes to great length to ensure our baits are priced affordably yet maintain superior quality. Our soft plastics are made from the finest quality plastics and fine tuned in two-piece CNC machined aluminum molds for the highest of quality. With plenty of scent and just the right amount of salt, our baits are sure to get bit! As a custom bait manufacturer, if there's a bait design, scent or a color you want, we'll find a way to make it - and put YOU in the Hot Seat!
huncHBack Lure Co
The huncHBack Lure Company was started in 2014 by Tim Jenness. Tim is the inventor and the brain child behind the patent pending huncHBack lure design. If you have a HUNCH, throw it!
Jasper Lures
Custom painted Walleye blades
Jensen Jigs
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Katydid Fishing Products
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